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Contact Manifold & Signed Distance Map

January 19, 2006

A quick review of my work for the past two months:

Contact Manifold

As I have been struggling with the box-box collision detection, I started to get fascinated by the idea of constructing a contact manifold, which contains a number of selected contact points. My first attempt is to adapt Bullet code from Erwin Coumans, who claims to successfully build correct contact manifolds. Eventually I did not succeed to make the adapted Java code run correctly. Thus I stopped working on the contact manifold idea with frustration.

Signed Distance Map

Then I bought a book from Christer Ericson with the hope of getting some working box-box collision and/or contact manifold codes. It turned out there was nothing in the book I could use immediately. In the meantime, the idea of signed distance map came to me but I don’t understand how it really works. I tried to resolve this problem by adapting PhysicsEngine. So far I have not yet made the adapted Java code work and inevitably the frustration grew.