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February 25, 2005

The main class for building a World where boxes are dropping on a flat surface. A SimpleSpace is attached for collision detection. The things to be implemented are HashSpace, box-box and box-plane collisions, and a Dantzig LCP constraint solver.

Update: the complete source code can be viewed from SourceForge directly.


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February 8, 2005

The work now has been stuck in HashSpace. The thing that baffles me is how the space is divided with multiple resolutions. Meanwhile, the search for HashSpace revealed some interesting projects:

  • PyODE – Python bindings for ODE
  • Odejava – Java bindings for ODE

Moreover, Odejava is associated with two Java 3D game engine:

  • Xith3D – an open source 3D scenegraph for Java. It is designed to be leaner, more game orientated alternative to the Java3D scenegraph, yet using the same basic scenegraph structure as Java3D.
  • jME – Java gaming engine