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Code attribute is absent in method that is not abstract or native

January 20, 2005

This error message simply indicates that some methods have NOT been implemented in the class. For example,

class xxx {
  void method1();

The fix is either making the method abstract or using {} instead of the semi-colon.


Some initial ideas

January 14, 2005
  • The ideas to link ODE and javagamebook are
    Geom extends GameObject
    Space extends GameObjectManager
    So Geom and Body can maintain the relationship like that in ODE.
  • Another parallel concepts is
    AABB PolygonGoupBound
  • However, the overall methods of GameObject and GameObjectManager do not fit well in the simulation. A better strategy might be just replacing them by Geom and Space, respectively. By doing this, Geom and Space will be needed for graphics rendering even when the collision is not considered in the simulation.
  • The entry point of Transform3D needs to be located in the code. How do I provide the transform for a Geom by just feeding it pos and R.

Yung-Chang Tan’s Homepage

January 12, 2005

I just create a blog for myself. Check out Yung-Chang Tan’s Homepage. My web pages are going to be cross-linked.

Box Stack Hierarchy

January 12, 2005

BoxStack of Open Dynamics Engine is chosen to be implemented in Java. This will be the first example, which involves contact constraints. The Graphics will be based on Developing Games in Java.

The hierarchy will be

  • GameCore
    • GameCore3D
      • Simulator – bridges Dynamics and Graphcis code
        • BoxStack